Our Services

Smola Consulting prides themselves on their dedication to their clients. To provide you with the best possible solutions to your health and benefit needs we offer a wide range of services, which begin with an initial assessment and analysis of your current plans and review of any proposed changes. Most importantly, this process is continual and not just a 60-90 day process. We believe is is critical to remain engaged with you and your ongoing projects 12 months a year.

Our Financial and Analytical Services include; Renewal Management, Data analysis, Data reporting, In depth Utilization Reports and Summaries, Reserve Analysis, Plan Modeling/Contribution Modeling, and Billing Audits.

Our Consortium Services, such as Strategic Planning, Development and Ongoing Management, bring together strategic groupings of companies within an industry to increase services and reduce cost.

Our Health and Wellness Services help to increase savings by educating and planning for the future. These Services include; Wellness Planning, Health Promotion Planning, Health Promotion Communication, Health Promotion Execution, Health Screening and Flu Immunization Coordination, and Wellness Committee Participation.

An important issue in healthcare today is National Health Care Reform. Our Legislative and Regulatory Compliance Consulting Services will assist you with Education, Execution, and Compliance to all of the changes in National Health Care Legislation, as well as State legislation.

We also offer many other services such as Dependent Audits, Open Enrollment Programs, Implementation of new vendors/products, and Requests for Proposals or Support.

List of Services

Financial & Analytical

  • Fully Insured and Self-funded
    • Renewal Management
    • Data analysis
    • Data reporting
    • In depth Utilization Reports and Summaries
    • Reserve Analysis
    • Plan Modeling/Contribution Modeling
    • Billing Audits

Consortium Services

  • Strategic Planning, Development and Ongoing Management
    • Smola Consulting brings together strategic groupings of companies/organizations within an industry to increase services and reduce cost.

Health & Wellness Services

  • Wellness Planning
  • Health Promotion Planning
  • Health Promotion Communication
  • Health Promotion Execution
  • Health Screening and Flu Immunization Coordination
  • Wellness Committee Participation

Legislative & Regulatory Compliance

  • National Health Care Reform Education
  • National Health Care Reform Execution
  • National Health Care Reform Compliance
  • Regulatory Changes and Communication
  • Compliance Checklist for Employee Benefits Programs

Dependent Audits

  • RFP, Vendor Selection, Support with Execution

Open Enrollment

  • Develop Communication Materials
  • On-site Open Enrollment Employee Meetings


  • New Vendor/New Product Implementation
    • Lead or Support

Request For Proposals

  • Any Line of Business RFP or Support